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Big Data Visualization

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Big Data Visualization

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Gain valuable insight into big data analytics with this book. Covering the tools you need to analyse data, together with IBM certified expert James Miller?s insight, this book is the key to data visualization success. ? Learn the tools & techniques to process big data for efficient data visualization ? Packed with insightful real-world use cases ? Addresses the difficulties faced by professionals in the field of big data analytics
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Big Data Visualization
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Chapter 5. Displaying Results Using D3

Data visualization involves displaying information graphically (visually) to present a point or perspective on specific data. Beyond the simple graphs and charts in Excel, sourcing from aggregated transaction rows within a spreadsheet, today's businesses expect far more.

In this chapter, we will explore the process of visualizing data using a web browser and Data Driven Documents (D3) to present results from your big data analysis projects.

This chapter is organized into the following main sections:

  • About D3

  • D3 and big data

  • Some basic examples

  • More examples