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NumPy: Beginner's Guide

By : Ivan Idris
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NumPy: Beginner's Guide

By: Ivan Idris

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NumPy Beginner's Guide Third Edition
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NumPy has several functions that can search through arrays:

  • The argmax() function gives the indices of the maximum values of an array:

    >>> a = np.array([2, 4, 8])
    >>> np.argmax(a)
  • The nanargmax() function does the same, but ignores NaN values:

    >>> b = np.array([np.nan, 2, 4])
    >>> np.nanargmax(b)
  • The argmin() and nanargmin() functions provide similar functionality but pertaining to minimum values. The argmax() and nanargmax() functions are also available as methods of the ndarray class.

  • The argwhere() function searches for non-zero values and returns the corresponding indices grouped by element:

    >>> a = np.array([2, 4, 8])
    >>> np.argwhere(a <= 4)
  • The searchsorted() function tells you the index in an array where a specified value belongs to maintain the sort order. It uses binary search (see, which is...