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OpenLayers 3.x Cookbook - Second Edition

By : Peter J. Langley, Antonio Santiago Perez
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OpenLayers 3.x Cookbook - Second Edition

By: Peter J. Langley, Antonio Santiago Perez

Overview of this book

OpenLayers 3 is one of the most important and complete open source JavaScript mapping libraries today. Throughout this book, you will go through recipes that expose various features of OpenLayers 3, allowing you to gain an insight into building complex GIS web applications. You will get to grips with the basics of creating a map with common functionality and quickly advance to more complicated solutions that address modern challenges. You will explore into maps, raster and vector layers, and styling in depth. This book also includes problem solving and how-to recipes for the most common and important tasks.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)
OpenLayers 3.x Cookbook Second Edition
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Changing the zoom effect

The panning and zoom effects are very important actions that are related to the user navigation experience. In Chapter 1, Web Mapping Basics, the Moving around the map view recipe shows you how you can control and animate the way the map can be panned, zoomed, and rotated.

In this recipe, we'll explore animations even further by demonstrating different ways that you can customize transition effects between two zoom levels on the layer.

By default, OpenLayers animates the zoom transitions. In order to customize this ourselves, OpenLayers comes with a series of different animation methods that are available from ol.animation object. For this recipe, we'll use the ol.animation.bounce and ol.animation.zoom methods to customize the zoom effects.

We will have a panel on the right so that you can choose the animation-easing algorithm, the duration and whether or not to use the bounce effect.

Here's a screenshot of what we'll end up with (the source code can be found in ch02...