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Sencha Charts Essentials

By : Ajit Kumar
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Sencha Charts Essentials

By: Ajit Kumar

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Sencha Charts Essentials
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In this chapter, we discussed the subclasses of the Ext.chart.AbstractChart API—CartesianChart, PolarChart, and SpaceFillingChart—which provide much better abstraction for charting as compared to the low-level Ext.draw.Surface API that we saw in the previous chapter. We looked at the three concrete implementations of the AbstractChart API—CartesianChart, PolarChart, and SpaceFillingChart—and discussed their specific behavior and how we can use them in our application to create different charts. In the latter half of the chapter, we looked at the different ways to style or theme a chart and you learned how to define a custom theme and use the same on a chart. Finally, we made our chart interactive using interactions and tooltip.

In the next chapter, we will delve deeper into the Sencha Charts package and learn its architecture.