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Sencha Charts Essentials

By : Ajit Kumar
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Sencha Charts Essentials

By: Ajit Kumar

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Sencha Charts Essentials
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Interacting with interactions

The interactions code is located under the ext/packages/sencha-charts/src/chart/interactions folder. The Ext.chart.interactions.Abstract class is the base class for all the chart interactions.

Interactions must be associated with a chart by configuring interactions on it. Consider the following example:

Ext.create('Ext.chart.PolarChart', {
    title: 'Chart',
    interactions: ['rotate'],

The gestures config is an important config. It is an integral part of an interaction where it tells the framework which touch gestures would be part of an interaction. It's a map where the event name is the key and the handler method name is its value. Consider the following example:

gestures: {
    tap: 'onTapGesture',
    doubletap: 'onDoubleTapGesture'

Once an interaction has been associated with a chart, the framework registers the events and their handlers, as listed in the gestures config, on the chart as part of the chart initialization, as shown here: