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Learning Spark SQL

By : Aurobindo Sarkar
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Learning Spark SQL

By: Aurobindo Sarkar

Overview of this book

In the past year, Apache Spark has been increasingly adopted for the development of distributed applications. Spark SQL APIs provide an optimized interface that helps developers build such applications quickly and easily. However, designing web-scale production applications using Spark SQL APIs can be a complex task. Hence, understanding the design and implementation best practices before you start your project will help you avoid these problems. This book gives an insight into the engineering practices used to design and build real-world, Spark-based applications. The book's hands-on examples will give you the required confidence to work on any future projects you encounter in Spark SQL. It starts by familiarizing you with data exploration and data munging tasks using Spark SQL and Scala. Extensive code examples will help you understand the methods used to implement typical use-cases for various types of applications. You will get a walkthrough of the key concepts and terms that are common to streaming, machine learning, and graph applications. You will also learn key performance-tuning details including Cost Based Optimization (Spark 2.2) in Spark SQL applications. Finally, you will move on to learning how such systems are architected and deployed for a successful delivery of your project.
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Chapter 1. Getting Started with Spark SQL

Spark SQL is at the heart of all applications developed using Spark. In this book, we will explore Spark SQL in great detail, including its usage in various types of applications as well as its internal workings. Developers and architects will appreciate the technical concepts and hands-on sessions presented in each chapter, as they progress through the book.

In this chapter, we will introduce you to the key concepts related to Spark SQL. We will start with SparkSession, the new entry point for Spark SQL in Spark 2.0. Then, we will explore Spark SQL's interfaces RDDs, DataFrames, and Dataset APIs. Later on, we will explain the developer-level details regarding the Catalyst optimizer and Project Tungsten.

Finally, we will introduce an exciting new feature in Spark 2.0 for streaming applications, called Structured Streaming. Specific hands-on exercises (using publicly available Datasets) are presented throughout the chapter, so you can actively follow along as you read through the various sections.

More specifically, the sections in this chapter will cover the following topics along with practice hands-on sessions:

  • What is Spark SQL?
  • Introducing SparkSession
  • Understanding Spark SQL concepts
    • Understanding RDDs, DataFrames, and Datasets
    • Understanding the Catalyst optimizer
    • Understanding Project Tungsten
  • Using Spark SQL in continuous applications
  • Understanding Structured Streaming internals