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Advanced Analytics with R and Tableau

By : Ruben Oliva Ramos, Jen Stirrup, Roberto Rösler
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Advanced Analytics with R and Tableau

By: Ruben Oliva Ramos, Jen Stirrup, Roberto Rösler

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Tableau and R offer accessible analytics by allowing a combination of easy-to-use data visualization along with industry-standard, robust statistical computation. Moving from data visualization into deeper, more advanced analytics? This book will intensify data skills for data viz-savvy users who want to move into analytics and data science in order to enhance their businesses by harnessing the analytical power of R and the stunning visualization capabilities of Tableau. Readers will come across a wide range of machine learning algorithms and learn how descriptive, prescriptive, predictive, and visually appealing analytical solutions can be designed with R and Tableau. In order to maximize learning, hands-on examples will ease the transition from being a data-savvy user to a data analyst using sound statistical tools to perform advanced analytics. By the end of this book, you will get to grips with advanced calculations in R and Tableau for analytics and prediction with the help of use cases and hands-on examples.
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Advanced Analytics with R and Tableau
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Chapter 6. Advanced Analytics Using Clustering

Wouldn't it be great if you could analyze your customers better, by classifying them into groups? Or perhaps even look at crime types in groups? Do you have problems with grouping large amounts of data in a meaningful way? On the flip side, do you have problems in distinguishing groups of data?

Data often has groups hidden in it. For example, we can group people by income, education, age, or where they live. We could also group people by their values, community involvements, family members, school membership, and other personal characteristics. We can find all sorts of insights by grouping our data together.

Tableau brings you good news! The clustering process just got much easier in Tableau 10. Tableau has a brand new clustering feature, which groups similar data points together. Tableau makes it easy for you to find interesting patterns in data. Even better, Tableau offers a full clustering experience on any type of visualization that you want...