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Mastering Elasticsearch 5.x - Third Edition

By : Bharvi Dixit
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Mastering Elasticsearch 5.x - Third Edition

By: Bharvi Dixit

Overview of this book

Elasticsearch is a modern, fast, distributed, scalable, fault tolerant, and open source search and analytics engine. Elasticsearch leverages the capabilities of Apache Lucene, and provides a new level of control over how you can index and search even huge sets of data. This book will give you a brief recap of the basics and also introduce you to the new features of Elasticsearch 5. We will guide you through the intermediate and advanced functionalities of Elasticsearch, such as querying, indexing, searching, and modifying data. We’ll also explore advanced concepts, including aggregation, index control, sharding, replication, and clustering. We’ll show you the modules of monitoring and administration available in Elasticsearch, and will also cover backup and recovery. You will get an understanding of how you can scale your Elasticsearch cluster to contextualize it and improve its performance. We’ll also show you how you can create your own analysis plugin in Elasticsearch. By the end of the book, you will have all the knowledge necessary to master Elasticsearch and put it to efficient use.
Table of Contents (20 chapters)
Mastering Elasticsearch 5.x - Third Edition
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This is my second book on Elasticsearch, and I am really fascinated by the love and feedback I got from the readers of my first book, Elasticsearch Essentials. The book you are holding covers Elasticsearch 5.x, the release of Elasticsearch that brings a whole lot of features and improvements to this great search server. Hopefully, after reading this book, you will not only get to know the underlying architecture of Lucene and Elasticsearch, but also posses a command over many advanced concepts, such as scripting, improving cluster performance, writing custom Java-based plugins, and many more.

Now it is time to say thank you.

I would like to thank my family for their continuous support, especially my brother, Patanjali Dixit, who has been a pillar of strength for me at each step throughout my career. I extend my big thanks to Lavleen for the love, support, and encouragement she gave during all those days when I was busy writing this book or solving complex problems at work.

I would like to extend my thanks to the Packt team working on this book, including our technical reviewer. Without their incredible support, the book wouldn't have been as great as it is now.

I would also like to thank all the people I'm working with at Sentieo for all their love and for creating a culture that helps make work more fun. At Sentieo, I extend my special thanks to Atul Shah, who always inspired me to go into the intricacies of Lucene and Elasticsearch and solve some really complex problems using these technologies.

Finally, thanks to Shay Banon for creating Elasticsearch and to all the people who contributed to the libraries and modules published around this project.

Once again, thank you.