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Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service

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Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service

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Discover how to use ICS to solve your integration needs with this Oracle Cloud book. Written by Oracle ACE Robert and ACE Associate Phil, you?ll learn how to deliver business value using ICS. ? The only guide to Integration Cloud Service on the market ? A comprehensive guide to building successful integrations on ICS ? Features practical examples and handy tools
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Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service
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Chapter 12. Are My Integrations Running Fine, and What If They Are Not?

In this chapter, rather than understanding how to build integrations, we are going to examine what information is available that tells us whether or not our integrations, connectors, and agents are working or not; and how to get information that can point to the source of the problem.

Integrations can experience difficulties as a result of many issues, caused by a range of factors such as:

  • The systems being integrated are not running or functioning correctly

  • Data definitions have changed, resulting that your transformations stop working

  • Connections fails as credentials get changed

  • Tokens and/or SSL certificates are revoked or expire

  • Networks are not performing properly

Trying to provide guidance on how to identify every possible issue or permutation of issues would turn this book into many thousands of pages, and becomes rather unwieldy. So, in the following pages we will look at what the monitoring information ICS offers,...