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Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service

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Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service

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Discover how to use ICS to solve your integration needs with this Oracle Cloud book. Written by Oracle ACE Robert and ACE Associate Phil, you?ll learn how to deliver business value using ICS. ? The only guide to Integration Cloud Service on the market ? A comprehensive guide to building successful integrations on ICS ? Features practical examples and handy tools
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Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service
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Import and export

The ability to be able to import and export either individual integrations, connections, lookups, or groups of integrations (known as packages), provides us with the means to achieve a number of different things; the most common of those being the following:

  • Keeping integrations and related objects under configuration management

  • Separation of the development of integrations from production environments

  • Exploiting prebuilt integrations from vendors other than Oracle

  • Synchronizing configuration of lookups across many environments

  • Distributing integrations into different environments, or making them available for others to use

In addition to importing and exporting whole integrations, you will have noticed through our journey in this book that parts can be discretely imported and exported separately. For the purposes of this chapter, we are only going to concentrate on the larger import and export activities, but the motivations for performing a focused operation are often the same...