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Mastering RethinkDB

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Mastering RethinkDB

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RethinkDB has a lot of cool things to be excited about: ReQL (its readable,highly-functional syntax), cluster management, primitives for 21st century applications, and change-feeds. This book starts with a brief overview of the RethinkDB architecture and data modeling, and coverage of the advanced ReQL queries to work with JSON documents. Then, you will quickly jump to implementing these concepts in real-world scenarios, by building real-time applications on polling, data synchronization, share market, and the geospatial domain using RethinkDB and Node.js. You will also see how to tweak RethinkDB's capabilities to ensure faster data processing by exploring the sharding and replication techniques in depth. Then, we will take you through the more advanced administration tasks as well as show you the various deployment techniques using PaaS, Docker, and Compose. By the time you have finished reading this book, you would have taken your knowledge of RethinkDB to the next level, and will be able to use the concepts in RethinkDB to develop efficient, real-time applications with ease.
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Mastering RethinkDB
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We covered the basics and advanced-level queries in ReQL with the client driver (Node.js) code. We also covered performing CRUD operations using RethinkDB and handling various special cases such as calling HTTP APIs from the query and storing binary blobs in RethinkDB. We also looked over one of the most promising features of RethinkDB called changefeed in detail.

In the next chapter, we are going to look at some administrative operations such as handling permission along with configuring clusters and shard in RethinkDB. We will also look at failover and other administrative tools that you can use to manage RethinkDB in detail.

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