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Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services

By : Leif Larsen
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Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services

By: Leif Larsen

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Take your app development to the next level with Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services. Using Leif's knowledge of each of the powerful APIs, you'll learn how to create smarter apps with more human-like capabilities. ? Discover what each API has to offer and learn how to add it to your app ? Study each AI using theory and practical examples ? Learn current API best practices
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Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services
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Additional Information on Linguistic Analysis

Executing operations based on commands

One of the key features of LUIS is the possibility to recognize intents. Doing so allows us to execute actions based on the intent.

Maintaining conversations from unclear utterances

If we ask the application what the temperature is, how will it respond without knowing which room to look for? As it is right now, it will not give any desired results back.

Click on the intent, GetRoomTemperature, in the Intent name field. As we are now in preview, we can add Action Parameters, as well as selecting the Fulfillment box in the Action Info section. Add a new Action Parameter, naming it Rooms. The entity type should be set to Rooms, and you should select Rooms as the phrase list.

In the Prompt field, enter a sentence that will be used as the response if this parameter is missing. For instance, we can add, What room do you want the temperature for?.

The intent dialog should look like the following screenshot:

Publish the updated application and head back to Visual...