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Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services

By : Leif Larsen
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Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services

By: Leif Larsen

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Take your app development to the next level with Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services. Using Leif's knowledge of each of the powerful APIs, you'll learn how to create smarter apps with more human-like capabilities. ? Discover what each API has to offer and learn how to add it to your app ? Study each AI using theory and practical examples ? Learn current API best practices
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Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services
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Getting the news

Using the Bing News Search API, we can search for news in several ways. There are three endpoints we use for this API:

  • /news - Get top news articles, based on category

  • /news/search - Get news articles based on a search query

  • /news/trendingtopics - Get top trending news topics

In our Smart-House application, we will add the first two, while we will only cover the last one theoretically.


If you have not already done so, sign up for the Bing News Search API at

News from queries

A lot of the groundwork for query-based news searches have already been done in the web search sample. To search for news based on given queries, we need to add a new function in the BingSearch class.

Open BingSearch.cs and add a new function called SearchNews. This should accept a string and a SafeSearch parameter. The function should be marked as async, and return a Task<BingNewsResponse> object:

    public async Task<BingNewsResponse...