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Data Visualization with D3 4.x Cookbook - Second Edition

By : Nick Zhu
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Data Visualization with D3 4.x Cookbook - Second Edition

By: Nick Zhu

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Master D3.js and create amazing visualizations with the Data Visualization with D3 4.x Cookbook. Written by professional data engineer Nick Zhu, this D3.js cookbook features over 65 recipes. ? Solve real-world visualization problems using D3.js practical recipes ? Understand D3 fundamentals ? Includes illustrations, ready-to-go code samples and pre-built chart recipes
Table of Contents (21 chapters)
Data Visualization with D3 4.x Cookbook - Second Edition
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Getting Jasmine and setting up the test environment

Before we start writing our unit test cases we need to set up an environment where our test cases can be executed to verify our implementation. In this recipe, we will show how this environment and necessary libraries can be set up for a visualization project.

Getting ready

Jasmine ( ) is a Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) framework for testing JavaScript code.


BDD is a software development technique that combines Test Driven Development (TDD) with domain driven design.

We chose Jasmine as our testing framework because of its popularity in JavaScript community as well as its nice BDD syntax. You can download the Jasmine library from,

Once downloaded you need to unzip it into the lib folder. Besides the lib folder we also need to create the src and spec folders for storing source files as well as test cases (in BDD terminology, test cases are called specification). See...