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QlikView for Developers

By : Miguel Angel Garcia, Barry Harmsen
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QlikView for Developers

By: Miguel Angel Garcia, Barry Harmsen

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QlikView is one of the most flexible and powerful Business Intelligence platforms around. If you want to build data into your organization, build it around QlikView. Don't get caught in the gap between data and knowledge – find out how QlikView can help you unlock insights and data potential with ease. Whether you're new to QlikView or want to get up to speed with the features and functionality of QlikView, this book starts at a basic level and delves more deeply to demonstrate how to make QlikView work for you, and make it meet the needs of your organization. Using a real-world use-case to highlight the extensive impact of effective business analytics, this book might well be your silver bullet for success. A superb hands-on guide to get you started by exploring the fundamentals of QlikView before learning how to successfully implement it, technically and strategically. You'll learn valuable tips, tricks, and insightful information on loading different types of data into QlikView, and how to model it effectively. You will also learn how to write useful scripts for QlikView to handle potentially complex data transformations in a way that is simple and elegant. From ensuring consistency and clarity in your data models, to techniques for managing expressions using variables, this book makes sure that your QlikView projects are organized in a way that's most productive for you and key stakeholders.
Table of Contents (24 chapters)
QlikView for Developers
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Chapter 1. Meet QlikView

Congratulations on your decision to start learning QlikView development! You are now well on your way to building and delivering analytical applications that will help you and your organization quickly gain new insights and make fact-based decisions.

Before we dive in and start building all sorts of wonderful things, we first need to review some of the basics. This first chapter introduces us to the business end of QlikView. We will discover what QlikView is, how it's different from other tools, and how we can explore and interact with our data within a QlikView document. Of course, this being a technical book, we will also be looking at the various technical components that QlikView consists of. This chapter concludes with an introduction to HighCloud Airlines, the practical case we will be working on throughout the book in the form of hands-on exercises.

In this chapter, specifically, we will look at:

  • What is QlikView?

  • Exploring data with QlikView

  • The technology and components behind QlikView

  • HighCloud Airlines and why QlikView might be just the tool they need

First, let's look at what QlikView is, what we can do with it, and how it differs from other solutions that are available on the market.