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D3.js 4.x Data Visualization - Third Edition

By : Aendrew Rininsland, Swizec Teller
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D3.js 4.x Data Visualization - Third Edition

By: Aendrew Rininsland, Swizec Teller

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Want to get started with impressive interactive visualizations and implement them in your daily tasks? This book offers the perfect solution-D3.js. It has emerged as the most popular tool for data visualization. This book will teach you how to implement the features of the latest version of D3 while writing JavaScript using the newest tools and technique You will start by setting up the D3 environment and making your first basic bar chart. You will then build stunning SVG and Canvas-based data visualizations while writing testable, extensible code,as accurate and informative as it is visually stimulating. Step-by-step examples walk you through creating, integrating, and debugging different types of visualization and will have you building basic visualizations (such as bar, line, and scatter graphs) in no time. By the end of this book, you will have mastered the techniques necessary to successfully visualize data and will be ready to use D3 to transform any data into an engaging and sophisticated visualization.
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Hopefully, by now you feel that you have a secure understanding of the work you want to do using D3 to visualize data. We went through some examples and laid some good ground rules for building high-quality data visualizations that not only inform an audience, but also look pretty spectacular in doing so. We also discussed ensuring that your work functions well on mobile.

As much as it pains me, I believe it is nearly time to bid each other adieu. I truly hope you've learned some things and enjoyed the preceding 10 chapters; writing a textbook is a fine balance of getting to the quick and dirty learning bits while also having some fun along the way. Regardless, if you somehow read this thing from beginning to end, my hat's off to you, as we have covered an absolutely mind-boggling array of technologies and approaches to software development.

We started off with some super basic stuff, talking about DOM and CSS. Then, we delved into SVG and learned how to build super pretty web vector...