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Modern Big Data Processing with Hadoop

By : V Naresh Kumar, Manoj R Patil, Prashant Shindgikar
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Modern Big Data Processing with Hadoop

By: V Naresh Kumar, Manoj R Patil, Prashant Shindgikar

Overview of this book

The complex structure of data these days requires sophisticated solutions for data transformation, to make the information more accessible to the users.This book empowers you to build such solutions with relative ease with the help of Apache Hadoop, along with a host of other Big Data tools. This book will give you a complete understanding of the data lifecycle management with Hadoop, followed by modeling of structured and unstructured data in Hadoop. It will also show you how to design real-time streaming pipelines by leveraging tools such as Apache Spark, and build efficient enterprise search solutions using Elasticsearch. You will learn to build enterprise-grade analytics solutions on Hadoop, and how to visualize your data using tools such as Apache Superset. This book also covers techniques for deploying your Big Data solutions on the cloud Apache Ambari, as well as expert techniques for managing and administering your Hadoop cluster. By the end of this book, you will have all the knowledge you need to build expert Big Data systems.
Table of Contents (12 chapters)


Elasticsearch is an open source search engine. It is based on Apache Lucene. It is distributed and supports multi-tenant capability. It uses schema-free JSON documents and has a built-in, HTTP-based web interface. It also supports analytical RESTful query workloads. It is a Java-based database server. Its main protocol is HTTP/JSON.

Why Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is the most popular data indexing tool as of today. It is because of its the following features:

  • It is fast. Data is indexed at a real-time speed.
  • It is scalable. It scales horizontally.
  • It is flexible. It supports any data format, structured, semi-structured, or unstructured.
  • It is distributed. If one node fails, the cluster is still available for...