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Deep Learning with Keras

By : Antonio Gulli, Sujit Pal
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Deep Learning with Keras

By: Antonio Gulli, Sujit Pal

Overview of this book

This book starts by introducing you to supervised learning algorithms such as simple linear regression, the classical multilayer perceptron and more sophisticated deep convolutional networks. You will also explore image processing with recognition of handwritten digit images, classification of images into different categories, and advanced objects recognition with related image annotations. An example of identification of salient points for face detection is also provided. Next you will be introduced to Recurrent Networks, which are optimized for processing sequence data such as text, audio or time series. Following that, you will learn about unsupervised learning algorithms such as Autoencoders and the very popular Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). You will also explore non-traditional uses of neural networks as Style Transfer. Finally, you will look at reinforcement learning and its application to AI game playing, another popular direction of research and application of neural networks.
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Recognizing CIFAR-10 images with deep learning

The CIFAR-10 dataset contains 60,000 color images of 32 x 32 pixels in 3 channels divided into 10 classes. Each class contains 6,000 images. The training set contains 50,000 images, while the test sets provides 10,000 images. This image taken from the CIFAR repository ( describes a few random examples from the 10 classes:

The goal is to recognize previously unseen images and assign them to one of the 10 classes. Let us define a suitable deep net.

First of all we import a number of useful modules, define a few constants, and load the dataset:

from keras.datasets import cifar10
from keras.utils import np_utils
from keras.models import Sequential
from keras.layers.core import Dense, Dropout, Activation, Flatten
from keras.layers.convolutional import Conv2D, MaxPooling2D
from keras.optimizers import SGD, Adam, RMSprop
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# CIFAR_10 is a set of 60K images 32x32 pixels on 3 channels...