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MySQL 8 for Big Data

By : Shabbir Challawala, Chintan Mehta, Kandarp Patel, Jaydip Lakhatariya
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MySQL 8 for Big Data

By: Shabbir Challawala, Chintan Mehta, Kandarp Patel, Jaydip Lakhatariya

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With organizations handling large amounts of data on a regular basis, MySQL has become a popular solution to handle this structured Big Data. In this book, you will see how DBAs can use MySQL 8 to handle billions of records, and load and retrieve data with performance comparable or superior to commercial DB solutions with higher costs. Many organizations today depend on MySQL for their websites and a Big Data solution for their data archiving, storage, and analysis needs. However, integrating them can be challenging. This book will show you how to implement a successful Big Data strategy with Apache Hadoop and MySQL 8. It will cover real-time use case scenario to explain integration and achieve Big Data solutions using technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Sqoop, and MySQL Applier. Also, the book includes case studies on Apache Sqoop and real-time event processing. By the end of this book, you will know how to efficiently use MySQL 8 to manage data for your Big Data applications.
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Case study for log analysis

Another example of analyzing large data set for commercial use would be log analysis. Consider an e-commerce application where thousands of users visit the sites daily. Not 100 percent of the users visiting the application are going to purchase the product. People visiting the e-commerce applications tend to do the following activities most of the time:

  • Purchase a product
  • View products purchased by their friends and/or relatives
  • Read reviews by other people on product they are looking to purchase
  • Look for the products with best offers

So, in case a person who has not bought products yet, is considered to be a potential buyer. It is very important to attract such potential buyers and convert their visit to the application into a sale. So in this case, if the application can identify which are the products being visited by the potential buyers and on which particular product or category they have spent the maximum time, the application can highlight similar products...