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Mastering Kibana 6.x

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Mastering Kibana 6.x

Overview of this book

Kibana is one of the popular tools among data enthusiasts for slicing and dicing large datasets and uncovering Business Intelligence (BI) with the help of its rich and powerful visualizations. To begin with, Mastering Kibana 6.x quickly introduces you to the features of Kibana 6.x, before teaching you how to create smart dashboards in no time. You will explore metric analytics and graph exploration, followed by understanding how to quickly customize Kibana dashboards. In addition to this, you will learn advanced analytics such as maps, hits, and list analytics. All this will help you enhance your skills in running and comparing multiple queries and filters, influencing your data visualization skills at scale. With Kibana’s Timelion feature, you can analyze time series data with histograms and stats analytics. By the end of this book, you will have created a speedy machine learning job using X-Pack capabilities.
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We will get the security option underManagement if X-Pack is installed. Under security, we have two options: users and roles. We can create roles and users and can assign the roles to the users.

By default, there is no user management in Elastic stack, so anyone can open the interface directly. By installing X-Pack, default security is enabled, and we have the option to extend it using the users and roles option.


Using the roles option of security, we can create new roles and edit the existing, not reserved roles. You will be confused about reserver roles, so let me explain to you that reserved roles are the roles that X-Pack creates itself by default, and we cannot make any changes in these roles:

The preceding screenshot shows us the list of roles with a tick mark for reserved or not reserved. There is a Create role button, using which we can create a new role. I will cover the role creation and edit part in Chapter 9Understanding X-Pack features chapter.


We can create...