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Machine Learning for Finance

By : Jannes Klaas
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Machine Learning for Finance

By: Jannes Klaas

Overview of this book

Machine Learning for Finance explores new advances in machine learning and shows how they can be applied across the financial sector, including insurance, transactions, and lending. This book explains the concepts and algorithms behind the main machine learning techniques and provides example Python code for implementing the models yourself. The book is based on Jannes Klaas’ experience of running machine learning training courses for financial professionals. Rather than providing ready-made financial algorithms, the book focuses on advanced machine learning concepts and ideas that can be applied in a wide variety of ways. The book systematically explains how machine learning works on structured data, text, images, and time series. You'll cover generative adversarial learning, reinforcement learning, debugging, and launching machine learning products. Later chapters will discuss how to fight bias in machine learning. The book ends with an exploration of Bayesian inference and probabilistic programming.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
Machine Learning for Finance
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In this chapter, you have learned the most important NLP techniques. There was a lot that we've learned, and here's a big list of things we covered in this chapter and everything you should now feel confident about understanding:

  • Finding named entities

  • Fine-tuning spaCy's models for your own custom applications

  • Finding parts of speech and mapping the grammatical structure of sentences

  • Using regular expressions

  • Preparing text data for classification tasks

  • Using techniques such as bag-of-words and TF-IDF for classification

  • Modeling the topics present in a text with LDA

  • Using pretrained word embeddings

  • Building advanced models with the Keras functional API

  • Training your model to focus on attention

  • Translating sentences with the seq2seq model

You now have a big set of tools in your toolbox that will allow you to tackle NLP problems. Throughout the rest of this book, you will see some of these techniques again, being used in different contexts to solve hard problems. These techniques are useful across...