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SAP Business Intelligence Quick Start Guide

By : Vinay Singh
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SAP Business Intelligence Quick Start Guide

By: Vinay Singh

Overview of this book

The SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform is a powerful reporting and analysis tool. This book is the ideal introduction to the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform, introducing you to its data visualization, visual analytics, reporting, and dashboarding capabilities. The book starts with an overview of the BI platform and various data sources for reporting. Then, we move on to looking at data visualization, analysis, reporting, and analytics using BusinessObjects Business Intelligence tools. You will learn about the features associated with reporting, scheduling, and distribution and learn how to deploy the platform. Toward the end, you will learn about the strategies and factors that should be considered during deployment. By the end, you will be confident working with the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform to deliver better insights for more effective decision making.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)
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Section 1: Introduction to SAP Business Intelligence
Section 2: Data Visualization, Analysis, and Reporting
Section 3: BI Platform Features and Deployment

Automated Analytics – forecasting in SAP Predictive Analysis

Now, let's try our hand with what we learned earlier and use the datasets that we've imported into our system. We'll go phase by phase.

Configuring the Modeler and exploring the data

Let's configure Modeler:

  1. In Windows, search for predictive Analytics:
  1. Choose the SAP Predictive Analytics application and choose Modeler:

  1. Select Create a Classification/Regression Model:

  1. Use the Census01.csv file that we downloaded previously:

For exploring the data we need to perform following steps:

  1. We can explore the data before using it:
  1. Choose the magnifying glass icon and look for values in the class column. We will find that the class...