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Beginning Data Science with Python and Jupyter

By : Alex Galea
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Beginning Data Science with Python and Jupyter

By: Alex Galea

Overview of this book

Get to grips with the skills you need for entry-level data science in this hands-on Python and Jupyter course. You'll learn about some of the most commonly used libraries that are part of the Anaconda distribution, and then explore machine learning models with real datasets to give you the skills and exposure you need for the real world. We'll finish up by showing you how easy it can be to scrape and gather your own data from the open web, so that you can apply your new skills in an actionable context.
Table of Contents (7 chapters)

Preparing to Train a Predictive Model

Here, we will cover the preparation required to train a predictive model. Although not as technically glamorous as training the models themselves, this step should not be taken lightly. It's very important to ensure you have a good plan before proceeding with the details of building and training a reliable model. Furthermore, once you've decided on the right plan, there are technical steps in preparing the data for modeling that should not be overlooked.


We must be careful not to go so deep into the weeds of technical tasks that we lose sight of the goal.

Technical tasks include things that require programming skills, for example, constructing visualizations, querying databases, and validating predictive models. It's easy to spend hours trying to implement a specific feature or get the plots looking just right. Doing this sort of thing is certainly beneficial to our programming skills, but we should not forget to ask ourselves if it's really worth...