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Python Machine Learning Cookbook - Second Edition

By : Giuseppe Ciaburro, Prateek Joshi
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Python Machine Learning Cookbook - Second Edition

By: Giuseppe Ciaburro, Prateek Joshi

Overview of this book

This eagerly anticipated second edition of the popular Python Machine Learning Cookbook will enable you to adopt a fresh approach to dealing with real-world machine learning and deep learning tasks. With the help of over 100 recipes, you will learn to build powerful machine learning applications using modern libraries from the Python ecosystem. The book will also guide you on how to implement various machine learning algorithms for classification, clustering, and recommendation engines, using a recipe-based approach. With emphasis on practical solutions, dedicated sections in the book will help you to apply supervised and unsupervised learning techniques to real-world problems. Toward the concluding chapters, you will get to grips with recipes that teach you advanced techniques including reinforcement learning, deep neural networks, and automated machine learning. By the end of this book, you will be equipped with the skills you need to apply machine learning techniques and leverage the full capabilities of the Python ecosystem through real-world examples.
Table of Contents (18 chapters)

The Realm of Supervised Learning

In this chapter, we will cover the following recipes:

  • Array creation in Python
  • Data preprocessing using mean removal
  • Data scaling
  • Normalization
  • Binarization
  • One-hot encoding
  • Label encoding
  • Building a linear regressor
  • Computing regression accuracy
  • Achieving model persistence
  • Building a ridge regressor
  • Building a polynomial regressor
  • Estimating housing prices
  • Computing the relative importance of features
  • Estimating bicycle demand distribution