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Artificial Intelligence Business: How you can profit from AI

By : Przemek Chojecki
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Artificial Intelligence Business: How you can profit from AI

By: Przemek Chojecki

Overview of this book

We’re living in revolutionary times. Artificial intelligence is changing how the world operates and it determines how smooth certain processes are. For instance, when you go on a holiday, multiple services allow you to find the most convenient flights and the best hotels, you get personalized suggestions on what you might want to see, and you go to the airport via one of the ride-sharing apps. At each of these steps, AI algorithms are at work for your convenience. This book will guide you through everything, from what AI is to how it influences our economy and society. The book starts with an introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning, and explains the importance of AI in the modern world. You’ll explore how start-ups make key decisions with AI and how AI plays a major role in boosting businesses. Next, you’ll find out how media companies use image generation techniques to create engaging content. As you progress, you’ll explore how text generation and AI chatbot models simplify our daily lives. Toward the end, you’ll understand the importance of AI in the education and healthcare sectors, and realize the risks associated with AI and how we can leverage AI effectively to help us in the future. By the end of this book, you’ll have learned how machine learning works and have a solid understanding of the recent business applications of AI.
Table of Contents (10 chapters)

Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

Media and science fiction movies love stories about autonomous conscious robots taking control of the world. This vision is far from reality, and in this chapter, I will cover commercial use cases of robotics.

The most vivid imagery for robots is created by Boston Dynamics. Boston Dynamics has made tremendous progress in the last ten years, from barely walking robots to parkour performing athletic robots able to walk and run on any terrain. Each year they present innovation, and then theres a bit of public concern about the potential use of those in military missions.

However, the reality for robots is usually more boring as they are widely used for warehousing and logistics tasks.

Warehouse robots

Tractica Research30 estimates that the worldwide sales of warehousing and logistics robots will reach $22.4 billion by the end of 2021. Robots are locating, tracking, and moving inventory inside warehouses; they are conveying and sorting...