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In-Memory Analytics with Apache Arrow

By : Matthew Topol
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In-Memory Analytics with Apache Arrow

By: Matthew Topol

Overview of this book

Apache Arrow is designed to accelerate analytics and allow the exchange of data across big data systems easily. In-Memory Analytics with Apache Arrow begins with a quick overview of the Apache Arrow format, before moving on to helping you to understand Arrow’s versatility and benefits as you walk through a variety of real-world use cases. You'll cover key tasks such as enhancing data science workflows with Arrow, using Arrow and Apache Parquet with Apache Spark and Jupyter for better performance and hassle-free data translation, as well as working with Perspective, an open source interactive graphical and tabular analysis tool for browsers. As you advance, you'll explore the different data interchange and storage formats and become well-versed with the relationships between Arrow, Parquet, Feather, Protobuf, Flatbuffers, JSON, and CSV. In addition to understanding the basic structure of the Arrow Flight and Flight SQL protocols, you'll learn about Dremio’s usage of Apache Arrow to enhance SQL analytics and discover how Arrow can be used in web-based browser apps. Finally, you'll get to grips with the upcoming features of Arrow to help you stay ahead of the curve. By the end of this book, you will have all the building blocks to create useful, efficient, and powerful analytical services and utilities with Apache Arrow.
Table of Contents (16 chapters)
Section 1: Overview of What Arrow Is, its Capabilities, Benefits, and Goals
Section 2: Interoperability with Arrow: pandas, Parquet, Flight, and Datasets
Section 3: Real-World Examples, Use Cases, and Future Development

Using Flight, choose your language!

All three of the languages we've been using in this book, Python, C++, and Go, provide implementations of Arrow Flight servers and clients. The examples we're going to walk through here are a great way to flex your chops on the different languages and see the similarities and differences between the different languages and the interfaces of their implementations. The Arrow project takes advantage of this interoperability between languages for Flight to run automated integration tests between the different language libraries and ensure that they are all compatible with each other.

So, let's get right down to it and have some fun!

Building a Python Flight Server

The flight module of the pyarrow library provides a base implementation of a Flight server; all that needs to be done is to override the functions for the desired Flight RPC methods you want to implement on your server, and away you go. Let's give it a shot and...