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Data Engineering with Alteryx

By : Paul Houghton
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Data Engineering with Alteryx

By: Paul Houghton

Overview of this book

Alteryx is a GUI-based development platform for data analytic applications. Data Engineering with Alteryx will help you leverage Alteryx’s code-free aspects which increase development speed while still enabling you to make the most of the code-based skills you have. This book will teach you the principles of DataOps and how they can be used with the Alteryx software stack. You’ll build data pipelines with Alteryx Designer and incorporate the error handling and data validation needed for reliable datasets. Next, you’ll take the data pipeline from raw data, transform it into a robust dataset, and publish it to Alteryx Server following a continuous integration process. By the end of this Alteryx book, you’ll be able to build systems for validating datasets, monitoring workflow performance, managing access, and promoting the use of your data sources.
Table of Contents (18 chapters)
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Functional Steps in DataOps
Part 3: Governance of DataOps

To get the most out of this book

This book assumes you are familiar with general analytic and data engineering processes. You should have the most recent version of Alteryx Designer installed. The workflows have been tested on Alteryx Designer version 2022.1, but should also work on other versions. Knowledge of the Alteryx software suite will assist you with understanding the interface covered in this book; however, all examples involving Alteryx provide step-by-step instructions for following along.

Alteryx Server and Connect are accessed via a web browser. As a data engineer, you will need access to these platforms for automation, scaling, and collaboration.

If you are using the digital version of this book, we advise you to type the code yourself or access the code from the book's GitHub repository (a link is available in the next section). Doing so will help you avoid any potential errors related to the copying and pasting of code.

Please note that for a few images in the book, the structure of the image or the annotation is more important for your reference than the GUI text in them.

The Alteryx Designer Intelligence Suite is an add-on product that extends Alteryx Designer machine learning capabilities. If you don't have access to this add-on, the skills learned in Chapter 8, Beginning Advanced Analytics, will be limited to the predictive tools and custom code options.