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Python Feature Engineering Cookbook - Second Edition

By : Soledad Galli
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Python Feature Engineering Cookbook - Second Edition

By: Soledad Galli

Overview of this book

Feature engineering, the process of transforming variables and creating features, albeit time-consuming, ensures that your machine learning models perform seamlessly. This second edition of Python Feature Engineering Cookbook will take the struggle out of feature engineering by showing you how to use open source Python libraries to accelerate the process via a plethora of practical, hands-on recipes. This updated edition begins by addressing fundamental data challenges such as missing data and categorical values, before moving on to strategies for dealing with skewed distributions and outliers. The concluding chapters show you how to develop new features from various types of data, including text, time series, and relational databases. With the help of numerous open source Python libraries, you'll learn how to implement each feature engineering method in a performant, reproducible, and elegant manner. By the end of this Python book, you will have the tools and expertise needed to confidently build end-to-end and reproducible feature engineering pipelines that can be deployed into production.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)


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20 Newsgroups

reference link 332

-Inf value 308


aggregate primitive 267

aggregation primitives

features, creating 289-295

reference link 289

arbitrary capper

reference link 168

arbitrary intervals

variable, discretizing 128-132

arbitrary number

used, for replacing missing values 16-19

Asian Machine Learning Conference (ACML) 310

automatic feature extraction

from time series 300-309

AveOccup variable 86

average occupancy 86

average word length feature 335


Bag-of-Words (BoW) 341

reference link 139

used, for creating features 341-344


reference link 75

binary encoding

performing 72-75

reference link 75

binary operations

reference link 227

binary variable

creating, through one-hot...