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OpenAI API Cookbook

By : Henry Habib
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OpenAI API Cookbook

By: Henry Habib

Overview of this book

As artificial intelligence continues to reshape industries with OpenAI at the forefront of AI research, knowing how to create innovative applications such as chatbots, virtual assistants, content generators, and productivity enhancers is a game-changer. This book takes a practical, recipe-based approach to unlocking the power of OpenAI API to build high-performance intelligent applications in diverse industries and seamlessly integrate ChatGPT in your workflows to increase productivity. You’ll begin with the OpenAI API fundamentals, covering setup, authentication, and key parameters, and quickly progress to the different elements of the OpenAI API. Once you’ve learned how to use it effectively and tweak parameters for better results, you’ll follow advanced recipes for enhancing user experience and refining outputs. The book guides your transition from development to live application deployment, setting up the API for public use and application backend. Further, you’ll discover step-by-step recipes for building knowledge-based assistants and multi-model applications tailored to your specific needs. By the end of this book, you’ll have worked through recipes involving various OpenAI API endpoints and built a variety of intelligent applications, ready to apply this experience to building AI-powered solutions of your own.
Table of Contents (10 chapters)


As this ebook edition doesn't have fixed pagination, the page numbers below are hyperlinked for reference only, based on the printed edition of this book.


API key 13

generating 14

Application Programming Interface (API) 1

Assistants API 151

use cases 163

using, to create knowledge-retrieval assistant 151-161

Audio endpoint

transcripts, generating with 34-36

working 36


backend layer 75, 76

Bearer token 18

Bubble 88, 106

connecting, directly to OpenAI 95

HTTP requests 95


Chat API 115

Chat Completions endpoint 29, 30

used, for generating customized responses 24-28

Chat Log

used, for modifying model’s behavior 9-12

Cloud Functions 77

benefits 83

code 82

inputs, accepting 87

setting up 83

structured outputs, creating 87

working 82

completion model

fine-tuning 68-70

completion request

running, in OpenAI Playground 4-6

cosine similarity 63,...