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Data Stewardship in Action

By : Pui Shing Lee
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Data Stewardship in Action

By: Pui Shing Lee

Overview of this book

In the competitive data-centric world, mastering data stewardship is not just a requirement—it's the key to organizational success. Unlock strategic excellence with Data Stewardship in Action, your guide to exploring the intricacies of data stewardship and its implementation for maximum efficiency. From business strategy to data strategy, and then to data stewardship, this book shows you how to strategically deploy your workforce, processes, and technology for efficient data processing. You’ll gain mastery over the fundamentals of data stewardship, from understanding the different roles and responsibilities to implementing best practices for data governance. You’ll elevate your data management skills by exploring the technologies and tools for effective data handling. As you progress through the chapters, you’ll realize that this book not only helps you develop the foundational skills to become a successful data steward but also introduces innovative approaches, including leveraging AI and GPT, for enhanced data stewardship. By the end of this book, you’ll be able to build a robust data governance framework by developing policies and procedures, establishing a dedicated data governance team, and creating a data governance roadmap that ensures your organization thrives in the dynamic landscape of data management.
Table of Contents (18 chapters)
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Part 1:Why Data Stewardship and Why Me?
Part 2:How to Become a Data Steward and Shine!
Part 3:What Makes Data Stewardship a Sustainable Success?

Part 1:Why Data Stewardship and Why Me?

Here, you will begin the foundational journey of aligning your business strategy with data strategy and stewardship in the initial chapters of this insight-packed book. You will discover how to unlock the latent value of data, develop the required mindset and skillset, and transition seamlessly from strategic planning to execution. These chapters are crafted to guide you through the inception of data stewardship, demonstrating its organizational benefits and providing a practical roadmap to initiate a robust data stewardship program.

This part has the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, From Business Strategy to Data Strategy to Data Stewardship
  • Chapter 2, How Data Stewardship Can Help Your Organization
  • Chapter 3, Getting Started with the Data Stewardship Program