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Live Longer with AI

By : Tina Woods
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Live Longer with AI

By: Tina Woods

Overview of this book

Live Longer with AI examines how the latest cutting-edge developments are helping us to live longer, healthier and better too. It compels us to stop thinking that health is about treating disease and start regarding it as our greatest personal and societal asset to protect. The book discusses the impact that AI has on understanding the cellular basis of aging and how our genes are influenced by our environment – with the pandemic highlighting the interconnectedness of human and planetary health. Author Tina Woods, founder and CEO of Collider Health and Collider Science, and the co-founder of Longevity International, has curated a panel of deeply insightful interviews with some of today’s brightest and most innovative thought leaders at the crossroads of health, technology and society. Read what leading experts in health and technology are saying about the book: "This is a handbook for the revolution!" —Sir Muir Gray, Director, Optimal Ageing "You can live longer and be happier if you make some changes – that is the theme of this book. Well-written and compelling." —Ben Page, CEO, Ipsos Mori "Tina's book is a must-read for those who want to discover the future of health." —José Luis Cordeiro, Fellow, World Academy of Art & Science; Director, The Millennium Project; Vice Chair, Humanity Plus; Co- Author of The Death of Death About the consultant editor Melissa Ream is a leading health and care strategist in the UK, leveraging user-driven design and artificial intelligence to design systems and support people to live healthier, longer lives.
Table of Contents (8 chapters)

The longevity marketplace

Older adults are an increasingly powerful force as workers, consumers, entrepreneurs, and active participants in their communities says Paul Irving[35], chairman of the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging. In contrast to the post-war generation, they are more demanding, aspirational, and discerning—and do not want to be seen as passive victims resigned to take anything on offer.

They are also increasingly socially conscious. Consumers and employees alike want to deal with businesses which are socially responsible, and more and more investors are considering Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in portfolio selection. According to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance[36], topics of particular interest include climate change, the effects of emerging technology, and the diversity and general composition of a company's board of directors. Demographic issues, including the impact of aging, are now joining this list...