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Practical Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

By : Ganesh Prasad Kumble
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Practical Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

By: Ganesh Prasad Kumble

Overview of this book

AI and blockchain are two emerging technologies catalyzing the pace of enterprise innovation. With this book, you’ll understand both technologies and converge them to solve real-world challenges. This AI blockchain book is divided into three sections. The first section covers the fundamentals of blockchain, AI, and affiliated technologies, where you’ll learn to differentiate between the various implementations of blockchains and AI with the help of examples. The second section takes you through domain-specific applications of AI and blockchain. You’ll understand the basics of decentralized databases and file systems and connect the dots between AI and blockchain before exploring products and solutions that use them together. You’ll then discover applications of AI techniques in crypto trading. In the third section, you’ll be introduced to the DIApp design pattern and compare it with the DApp design pattern. The book also highlights unique aspects of SDLC (software development lifecycle) when building a DIApp, shows you how to implement a sample contact tracing application, and delves into the future of AI with blockchain. By the end of this book, you’ll have developed the skills you need to converge AI and blockchain technologies to build smart solutions using the DIApp design pattern.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
Section 1: Overview of Blockchain Technology
Section 2: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence
Section 3: Developing Blockchain Products

Other blockchain platforms – Hashgraph, Corda, and IOTA

Hashgraph is a DLT with a superior consensus mechanism leveraging Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs). Notably, the implementation of this project is not fully open source. The algorithm was designed and published by Leemon Baird and was initially released in 2017.

Corda is an open source DLT maintained by the financial services consortium R3. Corda offers a smart contracts platform to allow businesses to execute complex agreements, associating multiple variants of asset classes across various business domains, including supply chain, healthcare, and finance.

IOTA is an open source DLT that offers payment automation and secure communication between IoT devices. This project is maintained by the non-profit IOTA Foundation. Quoted as one of the promising ICOs, the project has delivered impressive wallets, a data marketplace for sensor data, and payment channels for quicker transaction settlements using a new special data structure called Tangle, eliminating the need for miners and traditional canonical representations of transactional data in blocks.

With this basic knowledge of blockchain platforms, let's now move on to look at the internal components of a typical blockchain network.