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Mastering Blockchain - Third Edition

By : Imran Bashir
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Mastering Blockchain - Third Edition

By: Imran Bashir

Overview of this book

Blockchain is the backbone of cryptocurrencies, with applications in finance, government, media, and other industries. With a legacy of providing technologists with executable insights, this new edition of Mastering Blockchain is thoroughly revised and updated to the latest blockchain research with four new chapters on consensus algorithms, Serenity (the update that will introduce Ethereum 2.0), tokenization, and enterprise blockchains. This book covers the basics, including blockchain’s technical underpinnings, cryptography and consensus protocols. It also provides you with expert knowledge on decentralization, decentralized application development on Ethereum, Bitcoin, alternative coins, smart contracts, alternative blockchains, and Hyperledger. Further, you will explore blockchain solutions beyond cryptocurrencies such as the Internet of Things with blockchain, enterprise blockchains, tokenization using blockchain, and consider the future scope of this fascinating and disruptive technology. By the end of this book, you will have gained a thorough comprehension of the various facets of blockchain and understand their potential in diverse real-world scenarios.
Table of Contents (24 chapters)

The growth of blockchain technology

With the invention of Bitcoin in 2008, the world was introduced to a new concept, which revolutionized the whole of society. It was something that promised to have an impact upon every industry. This new concept was blockchain; the underlying technology that underpins Bitcoin.

Some describe blockchain as a revolution, whereas another school of thought believes that it is going to be more evolutionary, and it will take many years before any practical benefits of blockchain reach fruition. This thinking is correct to some extent, but, in my opinion, the revolution has already begun. It is a technology that has an impact on current technologies too and possesses the ability to change them at a fundamental level.

Many prominent organizations all around the world have moved on from the proof-of-concept stage and are already writing production systems utilizing blockchain. The disruptive potential of blockchain has now been fully recognized. For...