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Oracle Goldengate 11g Complete Cookbook

By : Ankur Gupta
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Oracle Goldengate 11g Complete Cookbook

By: Ankur Gupta

Overview of this book

Oracle Goldengate 11g Complete Cookbook is your complete guide to all aspects of Goldengate administration. The recipes in this book will teach you how to setup Goldengate configurations for simple and complex environments requiring various filtering and transformations. It also covers various aspects of tuning and troubleshooting the replication setups using exception handling, custom fields, and logdump utility.The book begins by explaining some basic tasks like Installation and Process groups setup. You will then be introduced to some further topics including DDL replication and various options to perform Initial Loads. You will then learn some advanced administration tasks such as Multi Master replication setup and conflict resolution. Further recipes, contain the cross platform replication and high availability options for Goldengate.
Table of Contents (16 chapters)
Oracle GoldenGate 11g Complete Cookbook
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Resolving GoldenGate errors using the logdump utility

So far we have learned in previous recipes how to use various GoldenGate commands to manage GoldenGate processes and scan the logs. If there is an issue in the replication and the processes have abended, you can always restart them. But if the processes abended due to some data error, then a restart will not resolve the issue and you would then need to drill down further to find the exact cause of the data error. GoldenGate uses a proprietary format to write data to the trail files. Because of this you cannot just open the trail file in an editor and see its contents.

In this recipe we will learn how to use a tool called logdump using which you can view the contents of a trail file. If the replication abends due to a particular record, you can evaluate the values of the failing record and then understand why it is failing. This will help you to decide the further course of action to fix the replication.

Getting ready

In this recipe we will...