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Sparrow iOS Game Framework Beginner's Guide

By : Johannes Stein
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Sparrow iOS Game Framework Beginner's Guide

By: Johannes Stein

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Sparrow iOS Game Framework Beginner's Guide
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Setting up Sparrow

There are two different ways to set up Sparrow on your machine. The first is probably the easiest way to set up Sparrow.

The second option is to use CocoaPods, a dependency management system for Objective-C. CocoaPods is probably the better way to go in the long run, especially when working with large-scale projects and more than one dependency. Setting up CocoaPods takes a bit longer than the first option and requires some knowledge on how to use the terminal.

While these options are not mutually exclusive, it's best to try out both and stick with the one that appeals the most.

Option 1 – source tree reference

First, copy the sparrow folder inside the downloaded folder to a location of your choice. Refrain from using spaces in your folder names, as Xcode can't really handle them in source trees.