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Building an FPS Game with Unity

By : John P. Doran, jamal seaton
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Building an FPS Game with Unity

5 (1)
By: John P. Doran, jamal seaton

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Building an FPS Game with Unity
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Spawning multiple enemies at once

Taking this a little further, we can create another script that can be used to spawn multiple enemies at once.

  1. Go to the MyGame/Scripts folder, navigate to Create | New C# Script, and call it SpawnEnemiesOnTrigger. Once you've finished, double-click on the created file to open MonoDevelop.

  2. Once the file is opened, put in the following code if you're using RAIN:

    using UnityEngine;
    using System.Collections;
    using System.Collections.Generic; // List
    public class SpawnEnemiesOnTrigger : MonoBehaviour 
      // Enemy to spawn
      public GameObject enemy;
      // Where to be spawned at
      public List<Transform> spawnPoints;
      // Has this happened already?
      private bool hasTriggered = false;
      void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other) 
        //If the player touches the trigger, and if it hasn't 
          // been triggered before
        if(other.tag == "Player" && hasTriggered == false)
          foreach(var spawnPoint in spawnPoints)
            // Spawn...