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Building an FPS Game with Unity

By : John P. Doran, jamal seaton
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Building an FPS Game with Unity

5 (1)
By: John P. Doran, jamal seaton

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Building an FPS Game with Unity
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Working with ProBuilder – placing materials

Now that we have the materials to work with, let's learn how we can place them into the scene by making use of ProBuilder's Material tools.

  1. There are many ways to apply material to objects and faces with ProBuilder. For the easiest, simply select an object in your scene and then drag-and-drop one of the materials on top of it. For instance, in the next screenshot I've taken the BrownBrick material and applied it onto one of the houses in our level.

    As you can see, all of the faces of the object now are using the brick material instead of the default. However, we may not want to use the material on every single face of the building. In addition, we may also want the bricks to be bigger, because right now they look incredibly tiny.

  2. Open up the ProBuilder window and change to Face mode. From there, select the faces on the top of the house that we will want to replace with a different texture; for now, some trim around the roof will do nicely.

  3. After that...