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Building an FPS Game with Unity

By : John P. Doran, jamal seaton
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Building an FPS Game with Unity

5 (1)
By: John P. Doran, jamal seaton

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Building an FPS Game with Unity
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Building the game in Unity

There are many times during development you may want to see how your game will appear if you build it outside the editor. It can give you a sense of accomplishment; I know, I felt that way the first time I pushed a build to a console development kit.

No matter what platform we wish to create out game for in order to build it we need to go to the Build Settings menu.

  1. In order to access Build Settings, we will need to go to File | Build Settings from the top menu (or by pressing Ctrl + Shift + B).

  2. Once you're ready, select Platform from the bottom-left menu. The Unity logo will show the one you're currently compiling for. We're going to compile for Windows now, so if it is currently not set to PC, Mac & Linux Standalone, select it and press the Switch Platform button.

  3. Once you have all of this set up, press the Build button. It will ask you for a name and a location to place the game. I'm going to name it FPSGame and put it in an Export folder located in the same...