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Unity Game Development Scripting

By : Kyle D'Aoust
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Unity Game Development Scripting

By: Kyle D'Aoust

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Unity Game Development Scripting
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Pathfinding is how the AI will maneuver around the level. For our AI package, we will be using two different kinds of pathfinding, NavMesh and waypoints. The waypoint system is a common approach to create paths for AI to move around the game level. To allow our AI to move through our level in an intelligent manner, we will use Unity's NavMesh component.

Creating paths using the waypoint system

Using waypoints to create paths is a common practice in game design, and it's simple too. To sum it up, you place objects or set locations around the game world; these are your waypoints. In the code, you will place all of your waypoints that you created in a container of some kind, such as a list or an array. Then, starting at the first waypoint, you tell the AI to move to the next waypoint. Once that waypoint has been reached, you send the AI off to another one, ultimately creating a system that iterates through all of the waypoints, allowing the AI to move around the game world through...