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Unity Game Development Scripting

By : Kyle D'Aoust
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Unity Game Development Scripting

By: Kyle D'Aoust

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Unity Game Development Scripting
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Character animations

Animations are what bring the characters to life visually in the game. From basic animations to super realistic movements, all the animations are important and really represent what scripters do to the player. Before we add animations to our AI, we first need to get a model mesh for it!

Importing the model mesh

For this chapter, I am using a model mesh that I got from the Unity Asset Store. To use the same model mesh that I am using, go to the Unity Asset Store and search for Skeletons Pack. It is a package of four skeleton model meshes that are fully textured, propped, and animated. The asset itself is free and great to use.

When you import the package into Unity, it will come with all four models as well as their textures, and an example scene named ShowCase. Open that scene and you should see the four skeletons. If you run the scene, you will see all the skeletons playing their idle animations.

Choose the skeleton you want to use for your AI; I chose skeletonDark for...