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Unity Game Development Scripting

By : Kyle D'Aoust
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Unity Game Development Scripting

By: Kyle D'Aoust

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Unity Game Development Scripting
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Prototype stats

Now let's figure out which stats we want to keep track of! In this book, the game we create will have a gladiator arena-styled gameplay. So we will have rounds where the player will fight enemies. To win a round, the player will need to kill all of the enemies; to lose a round, the enemies will have to kill the player.

Here's a list of stats that we want to track:

  • Kills

  • Deaths

  • Total gold

  • Current gold

  • Gold spent

  • Level

  • Rounds won

  • Rounds lost

  • Kill-death ratio

  • Win-lose ratio

  • Time played

Assigning the stats to the player

Now that we know what stats we want to track in our game, let's start our script. Create a new C# script and name it StatTracker. Next, let's add our variables to it; these will be the stats that we track:

int pKills = 0;
int pDeaths = 0;
int pTotalGold = 0;
int pCurrentGold = 0;
int pGoldSpent = 0;
int pLevel = 1;
int pRoundsWon = 0;
int pRoundsLost = 0;
float pKDR = 0.00f;
float pWLR = 0.00f;
float pTimePlayed = 0.00f;

As you can see, the variable names are preceded by the...