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Unity Game Development Scripting

By : Kyle D'Aoust
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Unity Game Development Scripting

By: Kyle D'Aoust

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Unity Game Development Scripting
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About the Reviewers

Marcieb Balisacan is an independent game developer, a designer, and a producer working in the Philippines. He has a background in computer science and multimedia, and he has released several games for mobile devices and social networks on the Web since 2006. His passion for game development is equaled only by his passion for music and storytelling, all of which he uses to share his love for the art of creation. He has recently cofounded a game development studio start-up, Full Mana Studios (, and is the Lead Game Engineer in Synergy88 Studios, where he is leading the design and development of computer games.

Paulo Barbeiro has been involved in digital world development since 1999 as a web designer. During the last 15 years, he has worked with frontend and backend web development, mobile apps, games, and electronic arts, and has taught creative code principles and techniques.

He graduated as a graphic designer, but digital environment development was always a passion, so the natural move was in the direction of computer science, specializing in game development and computer graphics. He believes that there is no border between artistic creation and logical thinking for software development—both elements must work together.

Being a Unity3D user since version 1, Paulo was thrilled to contribute to this book as a technical reviewer. He has also contributed to books about Panda3D by Packt Publishing.

Currently, Paulo resides in São Paulo, Brazil, working as a lead developer for the TicTaskDo mobile app and in SESC SP, organizing events and seminars about digital art, code, and interactive environments.

Volodymyr Gerasimov is a game developer living in Vinnitsya, Ukraine. For the last 5 years, he has studied game design and scripting and applied this to his work as a level designer, producer, and game developer.

Volodymyr graduated from The Art Institute of Vancouver with a diploma in Game Art & Design, and he worked for companies such as Holymountain Games, Best Way, and Gameloft. Currently, he works as an independent game developer on a title for mobile platforms.

He enjoys learning new skills and sharing them with his friends, peers, and the rest of the world by teaching game design and co-authoring books such as Unity 3.x Scripting, Packt Publishing.

Dan Lingman is currently a Professor of Game Development at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada. He became involved in game development in 1981 when he worked on Commodore PET. Building software, especially games, has been his passion for over 30 years. He's worked on all types of software on various platforms for far too many companies to list.

Most recently, he's contributed code to the award-nominated games, Schrödinger's Cat and Raiders of the Lost Quark. Right now, Dan's focused on creating new methods for procedural dungeon generation and adaptive AIs in Unity 5.0.

Conor O'Kane is a game developer and teacher from Dublin. He is the director of Io Normal, a game development studio based in Melbourne. He lectures at RMIT University in courses covering game design, character modeling and rigging, rapid prototyping, and mobile game development.

Conor lives with his wife and two children in Melbourne. When he is not busy creating video games, he enjoys playing the Irish flute.

Francesco Sapio is an Italian student of Computer Science and Control Engineering with an excellent academic record. He is close to graduating. In the near future, he'll start pursuing a Master of Science degree in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, following his passion for computer science that he has been cultivating since he was 3 years old—when he held his first Mac in his hands, an experience that totally changed his life.

In recent times, he has developed a hotel management system and built websites for hotels with booking engines integrated with the major OTAs portals. Besides this, he is a Unity3D expert and a skilled game designer, as well as an experienced user of the major graphic programs. For several years, he worked as an actor and as a dancer—he was a guest of honor at the Brancaccio theatre in Rome.

He is also a musician and composer, and mostly composes soundtracks for short films and video games. In the recent past, he has helped a lot of young kids to start playing piano. In addition, he is a very active person. He is an animator and gives private lessons in mathematics and music for high school and university students.

Furthermore, he loves maths, philosophy, logic, and puzzle solving, but most of all, creating video games. Owing to his passion for game designing and programming, his dream—with a bit of pride—is to become a famous and successful game designer.