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Blender 3D Cookbook

By : Enrico Valenza
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Blender 3D Cookbook

By: Enrico Valenza

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Blender 3D Cookbook
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Building the reptile skin shaders in Cycles

So, let's start with the Gidiosaurus skin.

Getting ready

But first, as usual, we must prepare the file:

  1. As the very first step, go to the texture_making folder and move the textures vcol.png, vcol2.png, norm.png, and norm2.png to the textures folder.

  2. Then start Blender and open the Gidiosaurus_baking_normals.blend file we saved in Chapter 11, Refining the Textures.

  3. Switch the left UV/Image Editor window with a Node Editor window and press the N key to get rid of the Properties sidebar. Put the mouse pointer in the 3D viewport to the right and press the T key to get rid of the Tool Shelf panel, then press the Z key twice to go in Solid viewport shading mode.

  4. Enable the 3rd scene layer, select and delete the Armor_detailing object (press the X key, then left-click to confirm).

  5. Enable the 4th scene layer and select and delete the Gidiosaurus_for_baking object as well. Enable the 14th scene layer, and also select and delete the Gidiosaurus_detailing and the...