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Blender 3D Cookbook

By : Enrico Valenza
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Blender 3D Cookbook

By: Enrico Valenza

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Blender 3D Cookbook
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To be able to animate our character, we have to build the rig, which in Blender is commonly referred to as an Armature, and this is the skeleton that will deform the Gidiosaurus low resolution mesh.

The rigging process in Blender can be accomplished basically in two different ways:

  • By building the Armature by hands from scratch

  • By using the provided Human Meta-Rig or the Rigify add-on

Building the Armature manually by hand can be a lot of work, but in my opinion, is the only way to really learn and understand how a rig works; on the other hand, the Rigify add-on gives several tools to speed up and automate the rig creation process, and this in many occasions, can be very handy.