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Blender 3D Cookbook

By : Enrico Valenza
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Blender 3D Cookbook

By: Enrico Valenza

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Blender 3D Cookbook
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Building the character's Armature through the Human Meta-Rig

In the previous long and quite complex recipe, we hand-built the deforming elements of an average basic rig for the Gidiosaurus character; actually, in Blender, there are other tools to build rigs, particularly meant to facilitate the task, and we'll see them in this recipe and in the following ones.

Now, we are going to take a look at the Human Meta-Rig tool.

Getting ready

To be able to use the Human Meta-Rig tool, we must first enable the proper add-on:

  1. Start Blender and press Ctrl + Alt + U to call the User Preferences panel. Go to the Add-ons tab and under Categories on the left-hand side, click on the Rigging item. Go to the right-hand side of the panel and check the box to the side of the Rigging: Rigify add-on to enable it.

  2. Click on the Save User Settings button at the bottom-left of the panel and then close it. Because we are starting a rig from scratch again, load the Gidiosaurus_unwrap_final.blend file.

  3. Disable the Textured...