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GameSalad Essentials

By : Miguel DeQuadros
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GameSalad Essentials

By: Miguel DeQuadros

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Logo animation

The one unfortunate thing about GameSalad is that it doesn't yet allow videos to be imported. This isn't a problem though; because we can do all sorts of animations within GameSalad and have them look pretty good. To start off, we are going to do a very quick logo animation. I know it's not the most exciting topic, but it does come in handy.

Here is the logo for my company, Wurd Industries:

We could do a simple splash screen that shows this logo, but I don't really think that would fit into the theme of the game that we are creating. What we'd like to do instead is have our hero, Kevin, walk into a cavern or a dungeon, open up a treasure chest and find the logo inside it.

This kind of logo animation will require quite a few different elements and behaviors. Create a New scene in GameSalad, and call it logo, or something to that effect. For now, let me show you the scene he is going to walk into:

Nothing spectacular, but once it's animated, it will look awesome! Let's start animating...