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Unreal Engine Physics Essentials

By : Devin Sherry, Vladimir Alyamkin, Katax Emperore
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Unreal Engine Physics Essentials

By: Devin Sherry, Vladimir Alyamkin, Katax Emperore

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This book gives readers practical insight into the mathematical and physics principles necessary to properly implement physics within Unreal Engine 4. Discover how to manipulate physics within Unreal Engine 4 by learning basic real-world mathematical and physics concepts that assist in the implementation of physics-based objects in your game world. Then, you'll be introduced to PhAT (Physics Asset Tool) within Unreal Engine 4 to learn more about developing game physics objects for your game world. Next, dive into Unreal Engine 4’s collision generation, physical materials, blueprints, constraints, and more to get hands-on experience with the tools provided by Epic to create real-world physics in Unreal Engine 4. Lastly, you will create a working Vehicle Blueprint that uses all the concepts covered in this book, as well as covering advanced physics-based topics.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
Unreal Engine Physics Essentials
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Chapter 6. Materials

Every video game provides a kind of colorful presentation for the player (even in black and white). As most players experience memorable parts of the game, this is what a player hears and detects visually in the game. This detection can be about an image, some notes, or something known as texture.

Texture is a digital shell that covers objects in the game world. They can be unique or repetitive over a big area during the play in the different levels of the game. They can be interactive with the player or world, artistic, fantasy, or real and physical.

For example, sea mostly has a real texture of water. Some old engines just handle a simple image of water, whereas some modern engines (such as UE4) can provide the wave motion over the texture. Water is well known by everyone on our planet, and physical rules related to water have already been discovered by everyone during their lifetime.

On the other hand, Alien skin is something mostly related to art and fantasy of the...