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Learning C++ by creating games with UE4

By : William Sherif
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Learning C++ by creating games with UE4

By: William Sherif

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Learning C++ by Creating Games with UE4
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Creating a world to put your actors in

Here, we will start from scratch and create a basic level into which we can put our game characters.

The UE4 team has already done a great job of presenting how the world editor can be used to create a world in UE4. I want you to take a moment to create your own world.

First, create a new, blank UE4 project to get started. To do this, in the Unreal Launcher, click on the Launch button beside your most recent engine installation, as shown in the following screenshot:

That will launch the Unreal Editor. The Unreal Editor is used to visually edit your game world. You're going to spend a lot of time in the Unreal Editor, so please take your time to experiment and play around with it.

I will only cover the basics of how to work with the UE4 editor. You will need to let your creative juices flow, however, and invest some time in order to become familiar with the editor.


To learn more about the UE4 editor, take a look at the Getting Started: Introduction to...