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Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development

By : Muhammad A.Moniem
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Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development

3 (1)
By: Muhammad A.Moniem

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Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development
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Chapter 4. Advanced Game Content Generation with a Fruit Chopper Game

As I've mentioned before, physics has always been a huge and massively important topic in the process of developing a game, and we will keep using it with the majority of the games in this book, as there is no modern game that does not run on a physics system.

This is a book about iOS, yes? So, why not discuss the touch inputs, and how to recognize a swipe effect a bit more? Unreal Engine does not support the swipe action (at this moment, Version 4.3) by default, but there are many ways we can recognize it.

What makes players compete nowadays? Score! Let's scratch the surface and see how we can add scores to our games and wire the game to show it using UI text.

By the end of this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Detect a swipe over a fruit

  • Spawn actors during runtime

  • Randomly generate objects

  • Use different spawn points to give random gameplay

  • Load a win or lose screen

  • Add a UI text element

  • Calculate the score

  • Communicate different blueprints...