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Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development

By : Muhammad A.Moniem
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Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development

3 (1)
By: Muhammad A.Moniem

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Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development
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After you finished building your second iOS game with Unreal Engine, you probably started to feel at home inside the editor, started guessing and picking some new stuff that I never mentioned in this book, and became more familiar with the engine while building actual games.

Finishing this game gives you the chance to dig deeper into the editor's unique and powerful windows, such as the Cascade window for particles editing.

Also, you worked on building another material but with different properties and exploring a different shading mode than in the previous chapter.

Building your own for loop/macro was something very unique and you will start feeling its power when you start building more complex logic and projects.

Giving feedback to the user either with a UI score text or by displaying a different screen is something required nowadays within any successful game, and now you know how to do it.

Now it is time to build an even more complex game, with some collectables, basic enemies, and...